Sunday, January 10, 2010

All Time Update

Well.....lets see........Jer and I just got back from Colorado (for Christmas I gave Jer floor tickets to the Nuggets/Cavs game) It was a blast....very relaxing :)

Addi had her first Christmas and 1st Birthday!!!! Can you believe it......a year old!!!! I know, I know...time flies when you're having fun!

Before the game.....we were on the first row!!! Birdman looked right at me...twice!!! Mr. James winked at me :) ok ok he didn't, but he looked my way!

Addi in Santa's lap for the first time!! I missed it....working sucks!! But Daddy, Gee and Uncle Cody made the Santa experience pretty darn fun!!!

Santa....aka Gee and Grumpy gave Addi her first car :) We stayed the night at their house on Christmas Eve.....we had an awesome Christmas....lots of food and presents!! :) And I got to sleep in :)

On Christmas late afternoon, we went to MeMe and Grandfather's house! More food and gifts :) Addi loves this rocker!!!

MeeMaw bought Addi a Dora for the bath and an Elmo that laughs when you shake it......these are now her babies. Baby....officially her favorite word! She was so funny when she opened them......(I have to get her new "evil" laugh on is hilarious)

Faith and Grace "peeked" at their presents when they were at DeeDee's house before Christmas....all they kept saying was "all I want is a green hippo Mommy!!!!" She knew what she was about to get!

Addison having a serious conversation with Faith :)

And we had CAKE......

Not so excited about the Birthday hat :)

All in all it has been very busy here!

We have a new mac and I haven't quite figured it all out if anyone has any advice on how to navigate and create publisher type files...I would greatly appreciate it :) Actually, any tips would be awesome!!