Sunday, June 20, 2010

Before / After #1


The truck, chain, Ryan and Jeremy pulled all the bushes out and we started re-landscaping!

Of course the plants are small now, but we left room for growth :)


The guys worked so hard (Ryan was a huge help!!!) I think progress is being made :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Bedrooms that Inspire

Here are a few pics that will be my inspiration for the girls room and the guest room.

I am going to use my favorite....turquoise.

I love it, yellow, pink....

I really like this softer turq. and the light trim.

This is my front runner....the room will have no headboard to begin with (although I am tempted to reproduce this one!!) Look at the lighting!!! Awesome! The pink touch is perfect.
When I showed Faith and Grace the pics, this was their choice....very princess they said! ;)
I will probably combined a lot of these elements

The guest room will have all black furniture, so I am wanting to add a little pop of color. I am loving melon/cherry and yellow

To make if versatile, I am thinking about going with a neutral wall, and making the curtains, bedding and accents the splash of color

Our furniture is much heavier than this, but loving the color!

Well I can't sleep as usual, so I thought I would share :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

This old hag...

Oh....I mean house :)

This is the first room I want to share ideas about.....

Currently...dated wood waynes coating/wainscoting and built-ins, brick fire place and carpet.

Looking at the front door.....we are tearing down a wall in the entry...which takes out the beautiful shower in this bath....therefore, the left door with become a wider entry.

This is our inspiration.......dark blue walls, dark wood and light floors.....our furniture will be a little more traditional

My thought on the layout. Aquarium, two leather chairs in front of the fireplace and the game table by the window with the antique radio in the corner

And to humor you, my drawing....don't laugh...I'm not an artist!
We will do a really dark stain on the wood, the wall a navy blue (not 80s/90s blue) - sorry mom...hehe everyone I talk to or work with had that country blue :) and the light floors....probably travertine....rectangle tiles.
What do you think??? I'm still trying to decide too :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Are we crazy???

Maybe a little......

so here's the new house.....haven't closed yet (inspection is Wed)

Our goal....trees, yard, pool, try to get as close to our current size.

So we found updating needed ;)

need total landscaping

builder loved built-ins :)

Addi checking out the storage space ....aka hiding places

sitting area off master....

office.....may be gameroom

going to knock out that wall to make the entry larger

living room
I've saved the best for last.....the pool

hahaha....ok it's coming out. This is actually in a bricked in courtyard on the left side of the house. So our plan is to dig this "bathtub/pool/pond" thing out, make this the play area and put a pool out back.
To say the least, we have a fixer upper :) I am going to be giving myself an interior design workshop......I will be posting my progress and room idea....I would love some input....seriously!!!


I did delete a couple of comments referring to me as an idiot and talking about my girls private parts....(in not so nice words). I have not posted inappropriate pics of my girls on my blog, nor will I. They do not wear make up......with the exception of face paint. I am done with you stupid people! I will not delete my blog and I will continue to share my opinions and pictures with those of you that wish to view it. If you don't like it, don't read it.

For all of you moms out are doing a great job! Being a mom is hard...whether you work at home or away. (By the way...we have more education in our pinky toe than you....anonymous poster)

I am hoping to post some pics of the new, not so new) total fixer upper :)

Until then.....