Thursday, February 26, 2009

In style

Daddy giving Miss A an "in style" hairdo :)

She loves it!

Yesterday she kept taking her paci out and turning it sideways.....don't know....maybe it's better this way :)

I will post pics of all three girls this weekend

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

sugar and spice

Well, these days I am trying to balance being a stay at home mom, working woman, housekeeper, dog sitter(ok it's my dog), electrician, organizer, plumber, banker and wife. It is going very well.....only on a handful of meds :)

Daddy did get to come home from work one day last week and have lunch with us. Actually it was the bathtub facet that brought him wouldn't turn off. Not just a was really flowing!

As you know, we have been using the blow dryer to combat some of the colic crying. I was trying to steal a few minutes to brush my teeth and wash my face, so I put Addi in her boppy and we headed to the bathroom. While I was getting ready, the blow dryer tumbled off the counter, splashing into Bear's water bowl, sending sparks and smoke into the bathroom. No one was hurt, and the dryer still you can see :)

It seems everyone has a new baby around our house. Usually "babies" don't last long with Bear, but this blue kitten is his favorite. He carries it everywhere with him....and it's eyes and nose are still in tact.

I absolutely love this school picture of the girls! Grace looks a little mischievous and Faith is full of happiness! They were at their dad's house this weekend and were really sick...I spoke to Miss Faith on the phone and it broke my heart!!! I really hated not being there to make it better.

We are still having the colic issues........this cocoon seems to help :)

Playing with Daddy :)

Addison really loves to sleep on her tummy! I can't even stress at how much better it is......I only let her sleep this way during the day, because they say don't put them on their tummies.

Here are some things I have made for the girls.....

Little blue jean dress

Little summer outfit for Addi. The top is a dress right now, but in the summer it will be the top for the ruffle pants :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Colic Craziness

Now you know why I haven't posted in a while......
Miss A has colic. She started getting really fussy in the evenings. Lots of crying and tummy problems. Once we got her to sleep she was fine. In fact, I think she was tiring herself out, because she would sleep from 11 to 5ish!!!! But before she fell asleep, we had at least 4 hours of crying (screaming). Well, it just got worse and worse. I called the pediatrician and we changed her to a sensitive formula. We were still going through the same routine every night after a week on the sensitive one, so yesterday we changed to another one....don't know the name, all I know is that it is the purple Similac one and it seems to do much better!!!!

She loves the blankets all up by her face....she pull them up to her!

Last night we had very little crying but she did get up every 3 hours to eat. When she is upset....all she wants is her mommy. She does really well when I am holding her...we sing, dance...whatever helps!! I love that I can comfort her, especially when she isn't feeling well, but I am not going to Mommy Bath Time is lovely!!!!

Yep...that's a double chin...maybe triple depending on the angle :) You should see the rolls on her legs!!!

I am planning our summer out today. Grapevine has so many wonderful events and classes for the girls. I am signing them up for ballet/tap and 3 individual classes at the botanical gardens. I think we are also going to do the Mommy and Me Tea. Every Thursday, the rec center opens up the gym for toddlers. For one dollar they can play on the mats, bounce houses, balls and parachute......we will be there often I'm sure. Miss A and I might do the infant music class :)

Miss Addison is going to take her first stroll around Meridian tomorrow! I am sure she is going to love I said before, she is a social butterfly!

We will see everyone tomorrow!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend in Review

Saturday morning I was awaken by the sound of two people snoring......Miss Addi and Daddy. Jer had given her a bottle at 6am and then let her sleep on our bed between us. She definitely found the warm body in bed. She was sound asleep on his arm.

Gee and Grumpy kept Addison on Saturday night so that Jer and I could have a Valentine's date. We went to Brio in was so yummy! We were going to go have drinks with Cody because Shyla was working, but after stuffing ourselves, we went to blockbuster then straight home!!! can tell we are parents of a newborn :)

On Sunday I pulled out the sewing machine and made a few things....

Apron for Faith and Grace

Some owl pants for Squeaky!!

I am going to make a matching onesie for these....I made them so they would fit in the summer :)

I have to work tomorrow....I am so bummed. I know I was only away from Miss A for about 24 hours, but I would love to stay home and love on her. I am thinking I will be home around lunch, so it's not too bad.

Friday, February 13, 2009

What's for dinner?

The purpose of this post is to improve my cooking skills......well at least get new recipes.

Tonight we are having...

Stuffed Bell Peppers

6 Bell Peppers
1 pound of Hamburger Meat
1 cup of Rice
1 can of Corn
1 can of Tomato Sauce
1 cup of A-1
Salt and Pepper
Mix all ingredients together.....clean out bell peppers and stuff them. Cook for about 30-45 minutes at 350 degrees.


Jalapeno Peppers filled with cream cheese and bacon

Doesn't sound good, but is really yummy....Jer is all about spicy. All you do is mix cream cheese and bacon (I use the real bacon pieces) and cook on the grill or oven until pepper is nice and yummy :)

Cherry Fried Pies
(We don't do a lot of dessert, but I thought I would try this one)

I cheated and used the roll of Pillsbury pie crust (if you are Betty Crocker...please make your own). :) Flatten dough into small round sections, fill with pie filler (any fruit), fold in half and pinch edges. Fry in small pan filled with oil.....about medium or low heat so they don't burn. I covered my in a powdered sugar and water glaze.
Send me some recipes!!
Of course, I can't have a blog without pictures of Miss Addi...

I walked into our bedroom and this is what I found....Bear knows that he is not suppose to be on the bed....especially when Addi is taking a nap there. He tried to convince me that with the title of "Protector" comes responsibilities that requires him to break some rules :)

Actually...I bet he was thinking..."If she can do it...why can't I?"

Addison LOVES the blow dryer! I mean really loves it! If she is fussy, we just turn it on. The other day when we gave her a bath, Jer dried her hair with the blow she requires it...even if it's not wet :) This might sound silly to you, but parents do crazy things to settle fussy babies :)

"Feels so good....yes, I like it spiked in the back!"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sweet Baby Girl

Miss Addison is number one in every one's book! Here are a few new pics

My little helpers! They love helping us with anything and everything......handing us the diaper, wipes, lotion or bottle....talking to her....showing her all of her toys. It is really fun to watch.
Enjoying her swing.....I moved it into our room today while I was getting ready

"Bear....Addi doesn't eat treats!"

Monday, February 9, 2009

Visit from DeeDee

DeeDee came and spoiled Miss Addison today. She was asleep when DeeDee came in.......DeeDee did everything in her power to wake her up. I finally told her to just pick her up!!!!

Fun at the Park

Faith and Grace absolutely love going to the park. Here are a few pictures that were on my phone.

"Tag you're it!!"

"Wait for me sissy....I'm coming!"

Miss Addison in her shoes! I bought these months ago.

I love her little toes! When she is on her back, she crosses her feet!!!

Daddy and his new truck

Mommy and her new car
Lots of changes in our house......lots of fun too!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

One Month Old!

Miss Addison is one month old today! My how time flies when you are having fun!!!!

Last night Addison and I snuggled on the bed and watched TV with Daddy. She has grown so be honest, I want it to slow down!

All wrapped up on Daddy's pillow

She wasn't too crazy about Mommy flashing the camera in her face

Bear has to be next to Addison.....when Addi was in the bed, Bear knew it wouldn't be acceptable to get on the bed too, so this is what he settled for. What's funny....he was clearly unhappy with his solution. He likes being the protector, but he is not too crazy about his demotion. :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Busy Day!

Today was a very busy day!

As you know, Jeremy and I have been wanting to trade in my car. Well....the dealership called and they found the car we wanted. So this morning we got up early, signed the papers and turned in my car. I didn't bring home the actual car because they are tinting the windows, so I came home in a loan car.......but I am still really excited! Jer has also wanted to get rid of his Escalade and get a ford F250(hmmmm that sounds right) well....the Ford guy called today and found his truck! They are now talking numbers :) We aren't going to recognized our driveway!

After we got home, I finished all the paperwork and emails that I needed to get done for work.....cleaned out the box of "stuff" that was in my car.....then Addi and I headed upstairs to reorganize the playroom (we are trying to make room for the tanning bed) Trust me, the improvement was worthy of pictures.

Puppy dogs and a ballet bar.....what more could little girls want :)

I even hung up the artwork that I have had on the floor for several months

Lots of toys........the boxes on the bottom are empty....waiting for the baby toys!

"Wow Mommy! This cleaning thing is tons of fun!"

Grumpy's Girl

I can't even put into words how much they love each other :)

Grumpy's little baby girl!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Random Pics

Here are a few recent pictures.....

Bear won't leave her side :) Mighty Protector!

Passed out on Gee!!!

When she is finished eating, she presses her lips together and lets the milk drip out everywhere....already in charge :)

Showing Daddy how strong she is!!!!

I love our evenings!!!! Snuggling...Hugs...Kisses