Sunday, May 30, 2010

For the Record

Quite an interesting ride we are on with my last post. Interesting opinions we have and funny how the topic took a turn. So "for the record", I am not pimping my children and I am not going to post naked pics of myself :) So there you have it. I do not think I have posted anything that is inappropriate and my sweet girls will learn to respect others, opinions and themselves; and they will know what being "beautiful" is all about.

On another note, our house is for sale!!!! I know crazy! We got this idea in our head, and we are running with it! (not really surprising if you know us very well) If you know anyone looking in the Grapevine area, send them our way!!! We are very excited about all the opportunity and change happening.

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday weekend!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Want to piss me off???

Apparently one person did. I received this lovely comment on my post about camping outside and painting the girls toenails. Anonymous
Anonymous said...

Is this a kind of American lifestyle? To start the human make-overs in time? You paint the toenails on children and teach them that natural beauty is not enough? You teach the girls that they are girls and need to pimp up their looks? Breast implants planned for when? Collagen lips? What make-up are they going to wear and when is it time to put on cheek implants? I thought Heidi Pratt was something negative and unique but with mothers like you I fully understand why girls in US never feel pretty enough. Their fucking mothers teach them that they aren´t pretty enough and need improvement and it starts when the girls are toddlers. Shame on you!!! Shame on you!! Shame on you!!!

My ask???

Shame on you for judging situations you have no idea about. Implants and collagen....seriously? Did you see the pictures of me....all natural buddy! Birthmarks, blemishes and definitely not blessed up top :) I have lots of imperfections....huge red birthmark, no calf muscles, big feet, plump nose, I need to go on? If I were concerned about what is "beautiful", I would drive myself fact, if I were concerned about what people like you think, I wouldn't have made it through high school! "Mothers like me" paint toenails because its you think I told them they needed to "pimp their looks" so lets do rainbow colors on your idiot!!!! "Mothers like me" put make up on my girls so that we can have a circus (zebra and cheetah), I forgot, I told them we had to impress the other shoppers at Target!

I have three little girls that are absolutely beautiful!! Not because they have green and pink polish on their toes, but because they are kind and caring. They will grow up knowing that "ugly" people make stupid and judgemental comments. You should learn a lesson from my little girls......everything is pure and simple for them. You wear a dress because it's comfortable and doesn't itch; you paint your nails because "I am going to be an artist Mommy!"; you brush your hair and teeth because it "makes them sparkle" and is good for you!!!

Everyone likes to feel confident....whether you get that from getting your PhD or a face lift...who cares!! Thousands and thousands of people make the decision to get breast implants...whether it is because of vanity or after breast cancer...I say go for it girl! I don't think it is any ones business to judge their decision.

I sincerely feel sorry for you. Your comments are worse than what you loathe.

Please stay off of my pretty little blog!

hmmm....think I might want to be a little plumper up top :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Photo Update

Arlington Relay for Life.....

Addison would not stop looking at Major was funny!
Addi running from me :)
Daddy keeping her "contained"

Ryan was named Pitcher of the Year at his college!!!!!!

Mom, Ryan and Meme

Mother's Day Weekend.....lots of playing!!
she was peeking around the tree saying "Boo"

Addi has to do what her sisters do....and they love it

And we got to wear our new swimsuits from Gee!!!

We ate all fact, every pic someone has food on their face :)
on the way of the only times she many of you know she doesn't like riding!!