Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hospital Stay

The doctor let me go home!!!!!

Yesterday my mother-in-law had to take me to the hospital because I was having too many contractions. Healthy Connections, my home health care facility, tried to slow the contractions down by giving me more medicine, but my heart rate got to the point where I couldn't receive any more.

When I got all hooked up at the hospital, the contractions started to intensify and become very rhythmic. I was actually worried....I was in a lot of pain and nothing seemed to help. They gave me a shot in my hip.....still hurts......but it did calm down the uterine irritability. Unfortunately, the contractions didn't go away.

The doctor had me stay in the hospital with an iv (the nurse used the small needle and my mil talked me through it....didn't even cry.....terrified of needles)....fluids and pain meds. At 4 this morning my contractions slowed to 5 an hour; therefore, I was able to get off all the monitors, put a cushion on my bed, wrap up in a warm blanket and get a few hours of sleep.

By this morning I was still only effaced 50% and my contractions were still down. I assured the nurse and doctor that I would feel much better at home :) During my visit with the doctor, he said that it has been a really tough ride and the next time I come to the hospital he will not stop the labor. I am still in a lot of pain but I am huge so I think that has a lot to do with it :) I have medication to take at home that will hopefully help with the pain, contractions and sleep. We will be keeping the pump in until I deliver.

I am so lucky to have my family! My mother-in-law has bent over backwards for me....(she even dressed me in the hospital).....she doesn't leave my side until she knows Jer is coming and that I will not be alone....her conversation and company has been essential to my sanity :) My mom has gone above all expectations by giving all of her free time to helping, cleaning, driving hundreds of miles to help me with the girls!!!!....not to mention the phone calls that have done wonders in lifting my spirits. My aunt has filled in many mommy gaps that I haven't been able to fill.....taking the girls to special events and the numerous sleepovers. My MeeMaw and MeMe have helped so much with Faith and Grace....most importantly have kept up all the "just checking on you and Addison" phone's amazing how great an "I love you" from a grandma feels.

Most importantly my husband!!! I grew up watching my mom and dad love each other, protect each other and support each other. I am so grateful that I feel the same love with my husband. Last night we sat in silence at the hospital both reading our was amazing how comforting it was just having him there. He held my hand when he knew I was getting scared....I watched him pace the floors because he was so concerned about his girls. He brought me food and my favorite drinks.....just so I could have a little comfort at the hospital! I love him so very much!!!!

Prayer Request

There was a lady in the hospital last night that went into labor....she was only 26 weeks. I could feel her pain and fear. I pray that all is well with her and her little one.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Two More Weeks!!!!

Just a quick update from our dr visit today......

Of course, he was troubled by all of the contractions....but he did say that I am not dilating. He said that I need to go two more weeks. If Addison is born this week there is a 50% chance she will have to be in the NICU.......if she is born the following week there is a 25% chance she will have to be in the NICU......but if she is born in two weeks, the percentage is decreased to 10%. I will be on the meds for the next two weeks, but after that he is taking me off.....yea!!! He is not going to reschedule the c-section right now.

He did say that a short hospital stay might be in our future. If the contractions don't slow down, he said that there are things they can do in the hospital to get us to our two week goal.

The mothers I have spoken with about this medicine tell me that once they were taken off, they almost immediately went into labor. But Miss Addison might have her own plan.....she might just wait until the 22nd. Jeremy is not betting on it :)

Tonight.........I monitored tonight and of course I had too many contractions again. In fact, one of the contractions almost killed me......ok so not really but it was the most painful thus far. When I monitor the baseline is a 10....this contraction went above 90. The nurse just gave me another demand dose and I am going to monitor again at 9:30. Hopefully my tummy is tired :)



On my birthday, my mom, brother, Faith and Grace took me to lunch! The girls sang happy birthday several times......even in the bathroom :) That night Jeremy took me to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory....which is heaven for the pregnant Brook!!!! On Saturday Jer took all of us to my favorite Hibachi grill. It was the girls first time....they were absolutely fascinated. Mom took some pictures on her phone....I will post them when I get them :) Grace had to sit in Jeremy's lap while the food was being prepared. Every time their were flames Faith threw her hands in the air saying "yea"....."bravo"!!!! We had a blast!


Today has not been a good day. This morning when I was monitoring, I had 10 contractions. The nurse gave me a demand dose and then increased my regular dose. She told me if it keeps up they will put me in the hospital.....sooooo I was all for the increased meds. She had me monitor for an additional 30 minutes....I had too many contractions again. She gave me another demand dose (about 4x what I get every hour). I monitored again.....and had one big contraction and lots of little uterus was very irritated. I have an appointed today at 4:30 so I will update everyone then.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

Here are a few pictures from Christmas.

Coming down the stairs to see if Santa came!

The very first thing they picked up was their digital cameras. They seemed to ignore the new video game system Santa hooked up and left playing on the tv :)

They never put the cameras down!!!

Faith taking a picture of Grace with the Huge dog Jer got them

Grace and the new dog......they ended up with three new dogs this year....the little one, Haley aka Tucker, that wiggles when you play with it.....the big one, Lucas, that is like a guard dog and barks and moves its mouth....and this huge one, who's name changes daily. They had to sleep with all three every night :)

Shyla, Cody's girlfriend, and the girls putting together their new baby strollers from G (Cody helped too....I just don't have a pic of him). Faith especially loved this....along with the new baby from G. In her letter to Santa she asked for a baby like Addison. She pushed her baby around the whole house....up and down the stairs. At one point she asked Uncle Ryan to watch her baby....she was very upset when Ryan had the baby sitting up and not asleep! Grace's favorite part was racing the strollers with Faith :)

Mommy and her girls! I was pretty wiped out after all the festivities!!! (nice no makeup, round face picture) This picture does make me smile.....Faith with her elbow resting on Addison and Grace eating her coveted melted cheese sandwich from daddy.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Once Upon A Time....

While I was resting today, Faith read me some bedtime stories.

Here are a few....

Once upon a time their was a Princess named Addison. She woke up when it was nighttime and came to my room. I told her it was ok and that she could go back to sleep. Addison got back in Mommy's tummy and went to sleep.

Once upon a time there was a big monster. He had a gun that went bang bang. But Addison had a bigger gun and scared the monster away. (Guns.....thanks to chuck e cheese video games...we never play them, but they always try to talk me into it)

Once upon a time in Strawberry Shortcake Land, Pinky Pie the pony was lost in a cave. Baby Addison came to Shortcake Land and found Piny Pie. The End

Two days ago Faith decided to use her magic wand and do magic spells. Poof!!! She turned me into a princess. Poof!! She turned herself into a fairy princess. Poof!!! She turned Grace into a bat!!! Grace was not happy at all with this. She said, "but mommy, I am not a bat!!!! I am a little girl"!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa's List

This is the cutest thing!!!! Everyone needs to make one for their little one!!!!!!!

Grace waiting for the truck to get warm

Faith waiting for Jer to come in so we could get lunch.

Happy Birthday MeeMaw!

Yesterday was MeeMaw's Birthday. The girls were so excited about giving her the presents they helped me wrap. Of course, MeeMaw didn't get to unwrap her presents alone!

It was impossible to get a good picture with everyone looking at the camera with their eyes open :)

Faith and Grace love their MeeMaw! She has helped me with the the girls from the moment they were born.
When GaGa took the girls to the North Richland Hills Christmas event, they asked MeeMaw if she was going. She said no, "I'm too old for that". When they were getting their coats on to leave, MeeMaw was helping Faith with her coat....I guess they were having trouble because Faith walked off saying, "MeeMaw, you are too old to help me do that"! :)
When we were wrapping MeeMaw's birthday gifts, I asked Faith how old MeeMaw was.....she said, "MeeMaw said she was old, she is almost 48 or 80 Mommy"! :)
We love you MeeMaw! Happy Birthday!!!!!

Christmas Treats

The girls and I decided to really get into the Christmas spirit by making rice krispie treats and Christmas cookies. One thing that you should know is I don't bake. In fact, this was the first time I have made rice krispie treats.....and it only involves a little melting....that's it. The rice krispie treats turned out ok.....just a little dry.

Faith and Grace loved measuring all the ingredients.....but the mixing was definitely a challenge. After we cut out all of our Christmas shapes, Faith, Grace and Jeremy decorated the treats with more marshmallows. Jeremy was immediately kicked out when he chose to decorate the gingerbread man.....I won't go into details....but I will say I had to immediately remove the marshmallows from his man....oh geeezzz....this is why I have girls :)

Our cookie decorations turned out to be....well....over the top! But the girls had a blast!

Yep, we use all kinds of resources to make these cookies......cookie cutters, hands, fingers, toes....don't worry, if you are coming over for Christmas, you will not be forced to try a cookie!

Faith decided that we needed to try and make a snowman cookie...since we couldn't make one outside (no snow). I promise, I normally have the girls seated...learning how to do things the right way, but I was just so happy to be out of bed, that I decided to let their creative side come through :)......and I just don't have the energy to do much but watch and laugh!!!

Faith was very serious about making the perfect ball for daddy's plain cookies......he only ended up with two and when he took a bite I think he thought I was trying to poison him. He said, "well, if you want our Christmas guest to stay only a few minutes, you can serve them Christmas cookies before lunch"! He is always so kind and gentle about my "Betty Crocker" skills.

Grace and Faith adding their magic sprinkles to our cookies! Faith remarked several times, "Mommy, Grace is doing a very nice job of helping me with my cookies...she is sharing the sprinkles with me" she is starting to sound like me...a least I know they are listening.....right?

Cookies by Faith

Cookies by Grace

After we finished decorating, we decided to have a tea party (cookie and milk party) upstairs. G had already set up our table with a little Christmas tree and decorations....the girls loved the red lights. G also brought over all the goodies to have a party. We had hot chocolate with pink and green marshmallows and of course our world famous cookies.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Almost to 34 weeks!

It is a little past midnight and I can't sleep! I just received another big dose of meds so I am wide awake not feeling so great! This insomnia is giving me a chance to update everyone on our doctor's appointment today.

My doctor was very please that after increasing the medication, my contractions have slowed down. My tummy grew 1 centimeter and I gained 2 pounds. We didn't have an ultrasound today because he was confident in our progress. Sue, the nurse that comes to the house, was concerned about my was beating irregularly. The doctor said it was sounding better and he thinks it will improve once my body is use to the increased medication. He confirmed that I can be on this pump for about 4 weeks.....which will definitely put us in the clear. For the first time, I really think we might make it to our scheduled c-sections date of January 22.

Dr. Wai did warn us that I can have "break-through" contractions....which will happen when my body is use to the meds and it stops working. This happened when I was expecting the girls......but I am not worried because we are so far along.

It was a very positive visit today! Jeremy and I left the doctor's office confident and very excited!

Miss Addison has been awake...kicking and stretching....since about 11pm. I am hoping she is getting tired so I can get some rest. I think these sleepless nights are Gods way of preparing me for what lies ahead!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Right Story

We had a little incident today that some might hear by two different storytellers....myself and my husband. So, I thought I would go first to get the truth out there!

We have a leather sectional couch. Well, one of the brackets that holds the left piece on is broken. Here is how the event took place.

Setting: Jeremy and I are eating our dinner, sitting on the couch watching NCIS.

Brook: Jer...I might need help this couch is slipping.
Jer: Ok
Brook: No really Jer, I am falling
(he grabs my arms and tries to pull)
Brook: My butt is stuck between the two pieces
Jer (laughter)
Brook: Don't laugh at me ( as the couch completely separates and I go all the way to the floor)
Jer (Lots of Laughter)
Brook: Stop are going to make me laugh and it hurts
Jer (Laugh, Laugh, Laugh) My pregnant wife fell between our sectional couch and is stuck!!!
Brook: (holding back the laughs) Ha Ha....ouch....hehehehe...ouch....stop laughing Jer!!!!!!
Finally he pulls me back up off the floor and starts planning how he is going to tell our children and our family and of course our friends.........How I managed to fall and get stuck on a sectional couch! I reminded him that the couch was broken and that's why I fell, but he thinks that part is unimportant. :)

You might not think this is too funny, but if you could see me right now with my huge belly and how helpless I am .........slowing falling to the floor and getting stuck between the couch pieces. I don't know....maybe we need to get out a little more :)


Things have been going very well. Last night I did exceed my limit of 5 contractions in an hour; therefore, the nurse gave me another large dose of the meds. I monitored again for 30 min.....again reaching my threshold of 3. So I had to be very careful all night....lie down flat on my side....and if there were any more incidences they would contact the doctor.

This morning was much better.....3 contractions in an hour. G and I hung out all day....she brought me breakfast and lunch! We watched a little tv....shopped a little online.....and of course solved all the the world's problems! I really enjoy the time we have been able to spend together. Even though she is forced to take care of me :) it is still fun!!!!

Tonight I once again reach my threshold, so she gave me other big dose. Tomorrow they are going to up my big dose times.....instead of every 6 hours, they think it needs to be every 4 hours. They asked my opinion, I told them whatever will be best for Miss Addison. (I can shake and feel ill for a few the long run )

I was tired of having the needle on my left leg, so my husband took the initiative to change if for me. He was a great doctor! Talk to me about everything while he was removing the old and getting ready for the new. And when he was ready to stick me....he said "tell me about Addison". Well that worked...I did make a little sound but nothing major. I am excited, I get to sleep on my left side now!

Not too much entertainment here! I will post pictures soon....I know they are more enjoyable than words:) I hope everyone is ready for Christmas!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Down to 2

Things are going well here. We had a few problems yesterday with the medicine. My heartbeat was at the maximum and I still had not received my big dose for the day. (You can't receive any more medicine if your heartbeat is over 120) They were talking about turning off the pump and going a different route......but when my nurse got to the house, my heart had slowed down and we kept the pump on. When I get those big doses I just have to be very calm and lay really still :) My heart is staying around 110 things are looking good.
As of this morning's readings, I am down to 2 contractions an hour!!! I am still feeling.....well.....not so great but the medicine is doing the job! The nurse was very pleased this morning.....although my contractions are stronger, the frequency is slowing down.

My mom left yesterday. I really didn't want her to leave, but she did fill our kitchen full of homemade meals and dessert......and she painted the giraffe mural in Addison's room. It looks adorable!

I will post pictures of the whole room when we get her crib in (everything is done except that).

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

4 AM

My home health care nurse, Sue, was amazing! She didn't leave the house until after 10pm....we got a late start because of traffic and she stayed until all of my questions were answered.

The iv wasn't that bad....I will admit. I definitely had way too much anxiety about it. Although, I did convince her that she should do it and I should definitely have my eyes closed! I also had my husband sitting on the bed right beside me holding my hand....saying "relax honey" and "you need to breath". I know I am a big baby! When we change it in a few days, she is going to make me do it.

Sue monitored my contractions for an hour. I only had 3! The medicine works fast! She also monitored Miss Addison (mom got to hear her heartbeat).

The medicine is being given to me in small doses. A little bit every hour, then a large dose every 6 hours. At first, I was very pleased at the minimal side effects.....a little dizzy and slightly jittery. Well, at midnight I received the first large dose. I was extremely jittery, my heart was general I felt terrible (it is really hard to describe).....but I didn't have any contractions.

Unfortunately, I can't sleep at all. Mainly because I can't get comfortable and this pump (it is really small) and tubing are in the way. I am hoping once I get use to it and get my ambien filled I will be able to get a little sleep.

Sue comes back in the morning to monitor my contractions again.....after that I should be able to do the monitoring myself....we are waiting for the wireless connector so I can send it in via our wireless connection.

I am so thankful for Sue. She was so caring and patient. She told me all the little things that doctors sometimes overlook.......all the warning signs to look for, how to overcome the side effects and how to control the pain.

Now I am going to try and get some sleep in the recliner....I am very envious of the snoring I hear from the bed :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Home Health Care

I have spoken to my nurse at the home health care place several times today. They are soooo nice.....almost making me forget about the needles! She did say that I would have to learn to put the iv in myself.....I'm not going to lie.....having major anxiety about that!

On the bright side, they can monitor everything....Addison, contractions, medicine.....and I don't have to be in the hospital!

I have had a house full today! It has been great! G (Jer's mom...Sharon) came over this morning and brought me breakfast and kept me company. Sharon (another Sharon) came over about 9am and started helping me with the house. The drapery people came about 11am and put up the awning in Addison's room.....I love it.....I looks so sweet!!! Then my mom came over!!!!

I am soooo excited to have her here. Ya know, moms just make it better. Although, she is trying to convince me that the iv thing is not a big deal.....she will get more queasy than I will :) She is making several meals for us.....I'm sure Jeremy will love having real food instead of fast food.

----I found out today that my Meme's husband is in the hospital. So if everyone would pray for him, we would really appreciate it!!!

Well, that's my update. Thank you so much for all of your thoughts and prayers...and encouraging messages :)

Another picture of my silly monkeys!! This one was taken when the girls visited Cristie in her dorm room. I'm sure they were bouncing off the walls...look at that hair!!! and those expressions!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Preterm Labor

Unfortunately it started again....yesterday around 4pm. I was having about 4 contractions an hour, which isn't bad, but it wouldn't stop. I spoke with my nurse this morning and she said to take my meds, drink lots of water and take a warm bath....then call her back in 2 hours. So by 1pm I was still have steady contractions......4 every hour.

They are having home health come out to put in that iv pump(terbutiline) that I was hoping we would not have to resort to. I was put on this medicine while I was in the hospital with the is not fun. It makes my heart race, my whole body jittery, etc. It normally wouldn't be a big deal, except that I can't be on my heart medicine while I am pregnant. While I was in the hospital, I was monitored by a cardiologist. The home health center will be monitoring my contractions, heart and Miss Addison while I am at home. I am being a big baby about the whole situation. From what I understand I have to change out the iv every 3 to 4 days!!!! Not only do I have to have a needle in all the time, but I have to change it myself????? Not excited at all! But the good news is....I don't have to be in the hospital. And really I am doing great! People have to go through much worse than this....and in the end I get to bring home a sweet healthy baby girl!

Just pray for Miss Addison and her mommy and daddy. Especially daddy....he is so worried about us....and I am sure he will get the job of sticking me :)

Just an old picture I thought I would share

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas adventures

Gaga (Aunt Janet) let the girls decorate their very own tree at her house. She sent me these pictures.

Beautiful tree Gaga!!!!

As you can see they made all of their own ornaments!!

They also made their stockings

Why have just your name, when you could have the whole alphabet!!!

She also took the girls to a Christmas celebration in North Richland Hills with Cristie and Ryan (Cristie's boyfriend)....

Here lately, the only way Grace will wear her jacket is backwards.....Janet also told me that it ended up backwards and upside down. Grace is definitely becoming an individual...with her own sense of style.

Faith....admiring all the lights
Faith and Cristie

Addison's Bathroom

While I was getting ready the other day, Grace told me that if Addison gets any bigger, she was going to just POP right out of my belly. (oh Grace....I know what you mean!!!!)

Here are a few pictures of Addison's bathroom. It is really hard to take pictures of it....but if you piece them all together you can kind of get an idea of what it looks like.

See her sweet little robe....I love it!!!

Jeremy loves the octopus on the shower door.....I think mainly because it's not pink!

I finally finished all of the artwork, shelves and baskets!!!

Camp Out

It only took a few kisses and smiles for Jeremy and I to be convinced that it would be okay for the girls to open an early Christmas present. So after they took a bath and put on their new Christmas pj's, Faith and Grace opened a present......a pink owl sleeping bag with a matching water bottle and flashlight. It was camping time!!! After filling up our camping cups with milk and hot chocolate, we spread out our sleeping bags and watched movies (we started out in the bedroom until Jeremy fell asleep...then we moved upstairs to the media room). I had so much fun snuggling with my two little monkeys!!!! Grace insisted on staying right next to Addison.....she fell asleep with her arms wrapped around my belly! Miss Faith woke up in the middle of the night, so I went back to the camp out site with her and held her until we both fell back asleep. Bear, our husky, camped out all night with the girls too.....he took over the extra blanket and the end of Grace's sleeping bag. It's the little things that make life so enjoyable!!!

Faith opening her sleeping bag

Grace tearing open her present

Faith wearing Jeremy's Santa hat.