Friday, July 31, 2009

Photo Session

I turned our hour wait at Uncle Julio's into a photo session :)

I haven't been putting bows on Addi because people think they look silly (Jer).....but I ya know....I like them!! :)

Would be a good pic if Miss A wasn't pouting :)

All Smiles

Addison was fascinated with Daddy's drink

Then she found out the cold bottle felt really good on her new teeth!!!

Ya Mommy had to stop all the fun......(no she didn't get a drink)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Once Upon a Time in Mexico.....

I almost died..........twice!!!

OK so maybe I am over exaggerating....but not by much :)

Jer loves scuba we decided to go while we were in Puerto Vallarta. We were able to get certified at our resort. The classroom stuff was great, putting the gear on was OK, going under water nearly killed me. The pressure made me feel claustrophobic and I kept forgetting to breath. I finally got it....with lots of hand holding from the instructor....literally.

The next day we woke up and realized a storm had blown through....."oh Jer, it looks like we aren't going today" ;) No such luck.....come rain or shine....they will make you scuba dive.

My anxiety was pretty high riding in the taxi....well....a full blow panic attack came when I realized we would be going an hour and a half out on the boat. "Excuse drop us off here and we swim back to the boat?" Once I forced myself to get all the way to the bottom (if Jer can do it...I will make myself) we had a blast. There were only 6 divers....the rest of the 50 people decided it was safer to snorkel.

I think my hair is pretty awesome :)

I also was only me and one of the other scuba divers.....for some reason the fish kept attacking me!!! Oh....wait....that's because Jer was throwing bread at me...nice!

We also decided to parasail. Craig went looked great...just really high! He landed very smoothly on the sand. I went second and the wind kept swinging me around! It was scary...but that is what made it fun. You could see for miles.....Jer looked like an ant!! When it came time to "land", I could tell something wasn't right. The boat kept slowing down and speeding up and doing circles. All of a sudden the the guys on the beach started running to the water......yep I crashed into the ocean......almost taking out a father and son and clotheslining a swimmer. Come to find out, the guys weren't going to let us go because the wind was too high....Craig and Jer "talked him into it"! While Jer was up in the air, Craig said, "yeah, they said they might have a problem getting you to land because you don't weigh enough". Thanks guys!

We did have a blast on our little vacation. Of course, when it comes time to being a real tourist....I forget the camera at home!
I took these pics of Miss A last night. She loved Boston Market's sweet potatoes :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Puppy Love

When we were decorating Addison's room, Sharon and I thought this puppy was way too cute to be in her toy bag, so we displayed him on the changing table. While changing Miss A the other day, I decided to see if she liked him........

yeah mom he is cool

he is a lot of fun to talk to

most importantly, he tastes great!

hehehe I love the baby drool

just a couple of old you think all the girls look alike?

I let Faith and Grace design a shirt. They picked out everything.....shirt color, thread color and layout. The loved helping me on the embroidery machine :) I originally wanted all three girls to have matching ones.....somehow they even talked me into letting them design Addi's too (not finished is a 12 month).

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Day at MeMe's

All of us girls spent the day at MeMe and Leonard's........Jeremy was in Louisiana all day. The girls had a blast!!! (all three were asleep by the time we got home)

Everything goes to Addison mouth.....even if it just hangs there :)

yep....doing what she wants....when she wants to do it

Grace found a "magic stick"

It turned into a home run hitting stick! They had so much fun outside......and with all the shade trees it wasn't too bad!

Miss Faith

Miss Grace

At one point, the girls were really quiet.......hmmmm...

And where was Miss A during all the action??? Asleep in MeMe's arms! She took both naps today while MeMe was holding her......all she wanted was her MeMe!

We had such a great day!!! We all had so fun and got to eat homemade chicken and dumplings (Jer's request but he didn't make it!)!!!! I took lots of pics with our nice "dinosaur" camera (I have to get them developed)....I will post those soon.

We love you MeMe!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Last Dance Class

Faith and Grace went to their last dance class for this session. They have been in really funny moods all day. The middle pic is fuzzy.....I know....but it made me laugh so I couldn't delete it.

OK, so the video is sideways.....I don't know how to rotate it. Faith caught me while I was trying to discretely video.

As I said, the girls have been really funny today. They were upstairs in their playroom about to have a party.......

Grace...."I need to get dressed up"

Faith....."No Grace, we must always be ourselves"

Grace....."Oh no, I must be FANCY!".....putting on necklaces, bracelets and a boa.

About two seconds later....

Faith....."Oh my, we cannot have trash at our party!"........she was talking about a piece of paper on the floor

(If you haven't read my prayer request below, please do)

Big Prayers for a Tiny Miracle

I have a HUGE prayer request for my cousin Matt's sweet baby boy.

His story....(updates from Aunt Tammy)

God is SOOOOO Good! Matthew Pecos Duke was born yesterday, 6-11-09 around 5:30 p.m. He weighed in at 1 lb 15 oz and 12.6 inches in length. He went straight to Neonatal ICU where he is doing great considering his size. Pecos, also known as "Rooster" is currently receiving bubbled "Room Air" and nurishment through a tube in his belly-button. He had a real good night last night. They are keeping his incubator covered and dark and trying to just let him rest and grow. They are telling Matt and Stormi that they will take it one day at a time and that the baby will stay until his original due date, sometime in September. Doctors have advised that for now their main concern is his lungs. One of the pictures attached shows the baby and one of the nurses gloved hands -- which gives you a good idea of how small he is.

I spoke with Matt and Stormi reports that Pecos now weighs 2 lbs, 6 oz and has grown to a whopping 14 inches! That is 7 oz and 1 1/2 inches since his birth on the 11th. All test ran thus far, with the exception of the blood vessels around the heart, have come back normal. As far as the blood vessel issue (PDA) they are still open but not causing any major issues. Therefore, they will just wait it out. These vessels can eventually close on their own, or, as discussed in previous emails, could require surgury if the lining of the heart or lungs become infected. Our prayer is for God to touch Pecos and close these vessels Himself.

Pecos came through the surgery great! They took him back around 12:30 and started around 1:20 p.m. They were able to go through his left side, between two ribs, then deflate the left lung to get to the heart. There they found the leaking vessel - with a larger hole than expected...but were able to repair it, re-inflate the lung and close. They did the surgery at Cook Children's Hospital, then rolled him across the catwalk back to his NICU unit at Harris Methodist for recovery. Stormi and Matt were able to see him about a hour or two later. They said he looked really good, but would be sleeping for possibly the next 24 hours. James and I hope to get a peek at him tomorrow. They said the next 24-48 hours were the critical times. Matt just called and they are with him and he is doing great!
I ask for tons and tons of prayers for Pecos. As we have seen, God is so good and continues to bless Matt, Stormi, Pecos and the entire family. Matt is traveling back and forth because he is back at work.....please pray he is safe during his travel. Stormi is staying in Forth Worth so that she can be with Pecos everyday......please pray that God continues to give her strength and comfort during the journey ahead.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Miss Addison has been trying and trying to put her toes in her mouth. Well, she finally did it!!! Of course, not for the camera :)

She has also decided that it is really fun to sit and play in her crib.....which is great with me

Mom came in this weekend to help was a crazy weekend. Faith woke up at 1am on Friday with a temp of 102. I brought her in my room and gave her Tylenol every 4 11 she still had 101 so I took her to Care Now. Her temp was 102.8 when we got there! The doc was wonderful.....he did all kinds of tests to see what was going first he thought it was her apendics.....nope.....just a virus I guess because by 7am on Saturday it was gone.

We also took Addison in for her 6 months check up. She is 98th percentile in height and weight....18 lbs and 24 inches long :) The doc said she is doing things an 8 month old does. Jer said that was thanks to him (just nod and smile). :) MeMe and Leonard came to visit on Saturday so we all went to the world famous Waffle Way!!! ok maybe it's only famous in my world. I love it when I have family around! I think I would like to live "back in the day" when families all lived together....ok well maybe all on the same piece of land (a little space is ok)....when the mom made dinner and everyone sat around the table (that would definitely be you Mom....not me "mom")........but without the 4am mornings and the raising your own food....... anyways back to the blog
The girls loved all of the attention :)

Jer and I have been wanting to redecorate our bedroom. After much debate he finally decided to trust yesterday while he was at work I changed it up. We do not want to change our furniture because Grumpy did it. So I decided to go black and white with red accent. After agreeing on the fabric, I made our drapes, bedspread and pillows(not finished). Then I updated all of our photos to black and white. All I had to purchase were white sheets to finish the room.

Right now the sparkle is only on the middle section of the drapes.....I have to slowly work that kind of stuff in :)

I made ties with a small thing of beads on them to tie the curtains back.....I am not sure exactly how I want them yet.

We learned a lot this weekend. Kiddos are extremely resilient. Moms make everything better. Jer can trust my decorating skills. Bedspreads are a lot harder than they look.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Sisters!!!

I picked the girls up tonight!!!!!! All my babies are back home! As you can imagine I am thrilled......but Addison is overwhelmed with joy :)

She loves kisses! I have never seen a baby lean in for more :)

Grace and Miss A

My girls

I am really hoping those bottom teeth are coming soon.....they are really starting to bother her

We are making very good progress on crawling. She gets up on her hands and knees and pushes on her feet.....her hands don't yet follow

Faith and Baby A watching Veggie Tales

Addison is just like Faith when it comes to her books. Faith read to Addi tonight

Grace decided to teach her how a flower grows......"Baby Addison, first it is a seed...."

Jer and I finally got the candy machine finished......(I will post pics of the radio soon!!!)

The twins are growing so fast! They are only 4 and I feel like they are so grown up.
Mom and I took them to Subway for dinner.....Faith wanted a pizza, chips and apple juice.....Grace decided that she would stick with Oreos and apple juice. :) Taking after DeeDee!
I just received confirmation that I won the trip to Puerto Vallarta....(our state work trip)! I am soooo excited.....but I just realized that my passport has Kibler on it! Crap!!! So I am sending it off tomorrow with the extra $10,000 to get it right :) was so nice seeing the tax office ladies today!!!