Thursday, November 18, 2010


We have been working non-stop at the house. In fact, Thanksgiving will be a day of work for us.....and Gee and Grumpy :)

Since I haven't blogged in a while, I have so much to catch you up here goes.

Our Target started carrying groceries, which is great! Until tonight....I just opened my sweet baby greens for my salad....and what do I see...mold...everywhere. I have strawberries, almonds and feta cheese...nice :)

Yesterday I was standing in line at The Children's Place and the ladies behind me were talking quite loudly. The conversation went something like this, "Go on Facebook and find my friend...she had 4 eggs implanted...that is just crazy we only had 3 done and I would go no higher than that....with the 3 that I had implanted, we got twins and I was soooo sick...just miserable...thank goodness only one kept...I felt so much better (one child in the stroller)....we still have 6 frozen, I am thinking of only doing 2 next start getting higher than that and the chances of having multiples is great....just crazy...too sick with multiples". Anyways, something like that. I was about to go nuts.... First, I started missing the girls like crazy!!!! I mean to tears! Second, I wanted to beat the fire out of the lady for talking about multiples like it is the plague....and like babies coming into the world is something you can toy they aren't sweet babies.... Well, I will not go any further into this conversation, it just really upset me. Just know that there are people in this world that would love to have twins, triplets even quads. Not everyone has the luxury of selecting the number of children they have or don't have. I said lots and lots of prayers during and after this conversation, for all of my dear friends that have children (any number) and for the ones that have suffered a loss.

Ok, on a lighter note, the house is coming along!!! We have started packing and will start moving things over Thanksgiving!!!

Here is the powder bath.....I did a copper/bronze color on the wall with a granite finish, lighter granite counters and a white vessel sink to lighten things up. I did the floors first of this week (talk about a sore back)....we were going to do whole tiles, but I really love the way the mosaic turned out! And I was able to use left overs :)

The last coat of poly was put on the wood floors today. This is the sitting room....was originally going to be blues and grays...but those colors moved upstairs :)

The only furniture we have purchased or really need to purchase right now is for this room. This is the chaise and sofa I picked out :)

Yes a little swanky...but it's my room, I can do what I want :) haha Jer helped pick them out too!!

Upstairs bath...kind of my left over room. I used the grass cloth I had left from the master bath...Jer and Grumpy framed the original mirror, Gee and I painted the existing cabinets and we put up a piece of "seconds" granite.....and I am so pleased!

Addi in her "Go Frogs" shirts....worn especially for Cody and Liz :)

I finished Addi's Indian shirt for Thanksgiving :) If anyone needs anything embroidered for the holidays, Children's Place is having a steal of a deal on plain tees!!!

Well, the fish people are about to be here to look at the tank (it's being moved tomorrow) so I guess I will stop the randomness :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Fun!

My little bug had tons of fun this Halloween! Gee, Grumpy, Cody and Liz came over and we headed to Grapevine's festivities on Friday. (way too crowded for me!!)

Mommy and bug

Giving Daddy that look...

Her first piece of candy!!!

All she wanted to do was this hamster ball.....she was the smallest by an entire head!! hahaha it was too cute!

Cody, Addi and Liz

We hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween weekend......

and no way I can pass this up......