Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One Fish, Two Fish

Addison loves watching the fish! Which Jer loves....because it is his favorite hobby!!!

She just talks and talks to them :)

Look how big she is getting!!!! ....sigh....

I will say, there is no middle ground with her.....she is either wide awake or sound asleep.....happy or....

........like this................
She slept a lot today. I tried to keep her up this evening so we would have another good night...we will see. She is asleep now, so I am going to bed!!! I remember when I didn't require much sleep :)

What tha...

Hail? Jer and I heard little tings on our windows......we opened the back door and this is what we found. We immediately opened the garage......yep all the big ones crashing down on his new truck!....if your gonna laugh later...might as well laugh now :) One thing after another.....

Sunday we went to dinner with Gee, Grumpy, Shyla and Cody. Miss A got all cleaned up....hair oiled down and then fell fast asleep :)

She is not sleeping much during the day.....but guess what.......10 hours last night. Let me say it again....just for self satisfaction.......10 HOURS!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


When Jer got home on Friday, he decided to take Addi and I to dinner.....chop chop (hibachi) my favorite. Addison was wonderful.....of course she was very entertained with all the noise and fire!

Before we left for dinner, Jeremy complained that I was being a tourist in my own home....I was a little camera happy...what's new?

I think I got some really cute pics of Addi.
who would have guessed.....she is sticking her tongue out :)
It was sooo funny.....I sat her on our bed....she wanted to sit up on her own so bad...but she kept tipping over :)

talking to Daddy

Laughing with Mommy!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Birthday Pics

I am so glad Tiffany took tons of pics at the party!!!!!

Here are some of them.......

Sweet Nate!!!

Faith wanted no part of the Happy Birthday song~

MeeMaw and Addi

Jen, Emory and Brylan

DeeDee and her girls :)

Daddy taking care of the cupcakes

Handing out the cupcakes.....by the way, I have heard no complaints...maybe my cooking is getting better :)

Nate going up the circus slide :)

The girls being silly....I am sure we had tears after this hug.....look at Grace's face :)

This place was wonderful! I can't wait to take the girls back!!!

Pretty Little Girl

I dressed Miss Addison in her new jeans and pretty hair bow today :)

She would just smile when I would say, "You are such a pretty little girl!"

Of course, sticking her tongue out :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Talking up a Storm

Miss Addison was just a talking today!!! I took some pictures of the different faces she was making.

Look at her round cheeks!!

She loves sticking out her tongue....

Then she fell fast asleep

And of course her cute little toes :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

One Great Weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend! The girls part on Saturday was a blast! I would definitely recommend "Jump For Fun" to everyone! The kids loved it and they were so organized and helpful. I think we will try to make it to the open jump someday soon.

The girls showing Mommy their tricks.

I think this was their favorite. I went down it several times with them.....it was a lot of fun!

Come on Mom....we want to play!!!

Opening presents in their big princess chair :)

The Dads :)

Some of the kiddos :) (Faith is so shy....hiding behind me...any suggestions on how to get her out of this?)

Today we played at the park and had another picnic!!!

This was their favorite part.....swinging with Jer! Faith was hanging on with her legs :)

Grace just laughed and laughed.....see Faith waiting patiently for her turn :)

I love this pic of Grace and Addison

While Addi and I hung out on the blanket, Jer and the girls went to look for flower petals that had fallen on the ground.....Faith of course had to be on his shoulders!

Feeding the fish.

The best pic I got of all three....not easy!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Blissful Exhaustion

I am soooo exhausted, but we had a great day!!! We played at the park for 3 hours!!!! We had a picnic and I tried to take some pics of the girls, but they had their own plan.

I just wanted to share some pics before I went to bed :)

The girls jumping on the trampoline at DeeDee's....they had a blast.

And of course, they had to have ice cream too :)

Miss A was resting while her big sisters were playing at the park!

She loved being outside on the blanket during our picnic!

"Ok girls....why don't you hug and Mommy will take a picture"....not quite what I had in mind:)

They love going down the slide!

I like this pic! Miss A absolutely love being with her sisters....she listens and watches so intently!

Their cupcakes for the party....frogs, lions, lady bugs, worms.....you name it. Don't judge...you all know I don't bake :)