Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Fun!!!

Gee and I took Addison to the Pumpkin Patch in Flower Mound.......needless to say she had a blast. We also ran into Emily, Claire and Jacob!

Cutest little ghost!!

I put together little Halloween baskets for Faith and Grace...and our soon to be new neighbors Aiden and Sierra.

She loved, loved, loved the merry go round

You can see what she thought about the bounce house....

Addison and Mommy.....she was a little overwhelmed when we first got there :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

State Fair

I picked up Gaga on Friday and we headed to the fair! It was a very interesting trip......Gaga got attacked (OK not that dramatic) by an Emu.....we ate a corn dog, fried caramel, funnel cake and a fried Frito pie!

Best of all, when we were walking to the car (we parked in $5 parking, so you can imagine what it was the tracks) we hit a bump and our drink splashed out....Janet said "I think a little got on Addi".....hmmm nope she was soaked! We had to walk with the tracks across the street, so I carried Addi while Janet pushed the stroller......once we were across I noticed we had lost a shoe. I turned to go back and noticed it on the track....not 2 seconds later did the arms lower down and the train came barreling by, smashing and tossing our little black shoe.

Addi made the comment to close the night...."bye, bye shoe....bye, bye". hahaha Never dull!

some animals

she loved the big elephant statue.....running to it and latching to the leg :)

we spent a lot of time in the petting zoo

Gaga allowed her to be more adventurous....

Sic 'em Bears!!!

Watching the parade....she clapped and clapped!

there were 4 officers on break by the huge Baylor truck

staring contest with Gaga

we loved the floats

Going home :) surprisingly she didn't even fall asleep in the car!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Just to clarify, the inappropriate comments were made on my previous post, "Play Date". Just pictures at the park. Therefore, implying that I brought this on myself by posting inappropriate pictures is ridiculous! Because some readers look at my girls and have immoral thoughts, I am making my blog private. I am very disappointed.....I was hoping to share Dad's sermons, etc. with everyone...not just family and friends. I will consider starting another blog with no pics to share those things. I will have to start over on my followers, so I will send an email out if I have your address....if not, email me

It is my belief that I am not qualified to judge others..... their thoughts, feelings or actions. It is not my place. I am perplexed by this sense of god-like entitlement. We are seeing this everywhere; look at the homosexual community.....people are being judged and ridiculed and it is pushing them to DEATH. It is my opinion that the "Christians" that are picketing funerals of homosexual individuals, etc are pushing people further away from faith. Why would someone want to believe in God when "his people" are hateful, hurtful and judgemental.

Your words hurt people...they do not help! If you have a cause that you want to support, that is wonderful, but make sure you have enough information and know how to pursue your goals, not push people away and look crazy doing it.

A few years ago, your negative comments would have me second guessing my abilities as a Mom. But today, I look at my three little girls and I am proud of what they are becoming. I am proud the of values and freedoms we have taught them. I am their cheerleader and protector and will do both with all of my heart.

Thank you for all of your support ladies (it's always something.....just like to keep it entertaining) :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


There once was a kitten named Winky
The girls promised, "Mommy it won't be stinky".

Gaga teased and tantalize,
trying to get Mommy to finalize,
an answer but Daddy said no

They said their heart would be broken
at the answer that was unspoken
....Gaga I am working on changing that, you know.


hahaha that's my poem about the cutest little kitten, Winky (who lives with Gaga) :)

If you didn't know, I have a little girl that likes attention :)


had to watch her every move



Addi bug

loving on Uncle Ryan.....didn't like the flash :) Ryan just woke up and was bombarded! lol
look how cute and fussy Winky is!!!

On a different note, I am considering ending my blog. I checked my comments yesterday, and had to delete several very very very inappropriate comments. Asking me to post certain pictures and starting off by saying "sorry for this comment....we are drunk"....
The purpose of this is to share with family and friends, but it seems that some pictures have been taken way out of the realm of (my) normalcy.
Does anyone else received random or inappropriate comments? Am I posting things that make me more susceptible?
I am not going to tolerate the awful comments about my sweet girls any longer!