Monday, August 30, 2010

I Feel Pretty....Oh So Pretty

I sat her on the counter to do her hair.....lets just say she really liked it :)

Making faces in the mirror.....silly face...happy face :)

It has been a crazy day.....
While I was rushing to put on my jeans and top, Addi was being "crafty"...

Thank goodness for polish remover!
She also painted her toes purple and dumped out an entire bag of baked I am glad it is nap time :) She is a mess!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Pig Tails!!!

Just a few pics from the last two days....

We can now have pig tails and we are loving them! She says, "Two bows.....pretty!"

Taking after Daddy

Addi sitting in the flower bed....why you ask....just trying to get a drink out of the sprinkler head

I found the cutest black and white dress at Target. So I spruced it up a, bows and rhinestones :) Addi loved it!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We will be putting up trim and making headboards. Gee and Grumpy are coming over and Meemaw is watching Addison :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

When I Remember My Favorite Things

It has been a tough 24 hours.....

Addi has been sick...fever and fussy. Was up from 1:30am - 5am, then up for the morning at 7am....Mommy is tired! Ended up taking her to Care Now....we think it is a viral infection. Faith and Grace started Kindergarten today....I was not able to call tonight because we were at the doctors office. So I am not in the best of moods!

So I thought I would talk about my favorite things...."and then I don't feel...soooo bad".

In no particular order

Rizzoli & Isles - love it love it! Great show and I would pay to look like either one of them :) jk
iCarly - I know crazy! I love when the girls watch it....(I watch it without them too) It is addicting

Grape drink - so this the off brand Crystal Light grape flavor - I think it is awesome - kind of tastes like a grape medicine I had as a child - weird but I am hooked

Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwiches - I can't eat just one! I want to try peanut butter and fluff :) haha I am so healthy!

Honey and Oat Granola Bars - Sunbelt ones are awesome! I love honey and oats as a natural sweetener.....teas, desserts, etc. Jer says I am strange....and?

Target girls clothes - so cute!! I could go crazy for all of us! Walmart is starting to carry some really cute ones too.....and so inexpensive
Fabric - I am nuts when it comes to fabric...I say, "I can use this for something..."
I will think of more later...I know you are so interested :)

Now my real favorite things :)
Eating ice cream at the pool.....

Jumping at DeDes.

Good night all!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


We have a new addition to the family....Dixie Belle aka Dixie Cup. Ryan, Addi and I went to the Dallas Animal Shelter and found the most wonderful, precious, crazy lab. She is awesome! She can sit, shake, doesn't jump on you unless you want it and is potty trained. I love her! (and I secretly want her to love me the most!) Ryan and Mom will have so much fun with her.

Addi and I meeting Dixie to see if she we wanted her.

Ryan of course was the decision maker :)

I will say, she really likes stuffed animals! and shoes...and raw biscuits...and quesadillas...and toddler food....and suckers (dum dums)

She has also encouraged Addison to explore new options...

On Monday morning, I left Dixie and Addison in my room so I could step into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I heard a commotion in the office and I found about 15 shoes on the floor and this........ does not take long to brush your teeth....seriously!
I will say I miss that dog! I am headed to Meridian tomorrow so I will get to play for a while.
When we go to Target Faith and Grace love getting Icees. Well yesterday they won a bet with Jeremy so all the girls got to go to Target and pick out a bouncy ball and their favorite drink. On the way home Grace yelled, "Mommy, I have neck freeze!" I of course contained my laughter and said, "neck freeze?" "Yes, that is when your neck gets so cold you absolutely cannot drink anything's frozen!" (brain freeze maybe?)
Oh and...they picked out the biggest bouncy balls I have ever seen! I had three of them in my car...flying and bouncing everywhere....they are so big it covered Addi's entire body when she held it in her lap. Never dull!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

From the Eye of my Phone :)

Did this faux finish in the guest bath...think we are doing it in the wine room too.

Okay...I have been looking for a dog for Ryan and Mom...and I found a few I need! I am a sucker for shelter dogs!! Right now Jer says no...sigh...

look at his's fate!!!

I could snuggle up with this little pouch!

Look at these chairs...just saw them a TJ Maxx....very cool and crazy! :)

And I wonder why she is randomly hyper....she climbs up the bar stools onto the counter and into the candy dish...hahaha smart cookie

Tried to video her new dance...instead she lets everyone know how awesome my cooking really is!

We picked up Ryan...this was her reaction....she loves her Uncle Ryan! (see how she snakes out of her seat belt)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Last Week

A little park time...

Chasing her shadow

Jeremy and I had a date night (Addi had some MeeMaw time)

Enjoying a little food :)

The Bell stand-off :)

Mom had this pic on her phone....I love it!!!

And a little baseball. Ryan had a playoff game on Sunday...

Addi helping Daddy install the wine gate.

"Now Dad you need to make sure it is level"

You see the plaster and paint all over her!! She is into everything!