Sunday, February 21, 2010

New House

ok ok it's not mine.......sigh

To be honest, I don't know what I would do with a house like's crazy!!!

OK Jeremy is doing work in Louisiana on two houses.

On Thursday afternoon I found out Jer was heading back up to LA and was leaving at I went along :)

The guys putting the frame up for the second floor....on this house we are doing the steel frame too.... scared the crap out of me....I was so worried someone was going to get hurt....Jer looked at me like I was crazy!!!

This is the 10mil one....
The master bedroom trim...... I don't care for the bronze and yellow together, but I am sure it will all come together

The side view

The library!!!! The lowest ceiling in the house is 17 feet.....this one goes up about 2 1/2 stories

I want this room.....her craft room!!! The sewing machine has a device that lifts it up and down from inside the cabinet

Master bath....
I know.....but they are beautiful!

The house probably has 30 to 40 columns .....two on the inside go up the entire back glass wall

Jer's ironwork.... The stairs are not finished yet...but still beautiful....this ironwork is up both staircases in the entrance and all along the back balcony !

And the custom front door.....about 30 feet high!! The side doors match this too....I think they are beautiful!!!
The house is just awesome.....of course you need a theater, 4 kitchens and elevator..... The homeowners are extremely nice!!!! The husband was up on roof.....driving a forklift.....very active :)

Just wanted to share some pics of what Entrada has been up too :) He has been so busy lately....but busy is good!!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

So I redecorated our room....again :)

Before....yes I just posted a pic with my bed a mess and curtains tucked in the window...ya know :)

After....found these wall plaques for $8!! All I had to do was a little faux finish
I like a little funky touch....hehehe in the process of painting this I got a touch of blue paint on the carpet! Crap!!!

Still not finished...need to decided about throw pillows and such. Jeremy's favorite part of the new room is that we mounted the tv.....hmmmm....yeah...I mean that's cool and all.... :)

Brushing our teeth!!!!
OK....running from the bathroom.....must be going to tell mom we are out of should have seen the ground!!

Already loving purses!!! :) Don't know where in the world she gets it?????

This is a restyle I just did for a client. Before......
After......always fun to have a new look for very little $. This pic is not the final...we were in review stage :)

A few more changes in my home....did a little entry table here because everyone uses the garage door :)
The entire time I was making this Jeremy was....."you are using feathers!!!! Why those little balls????" Well I personally like the stuff in it!!! :)

Working like a mad woman lately :) Right now just designing for clients and working insurance. Will update you all soon. Jer is headed to Louisiana today....will be home Wed.....going to be lonely around here!!!