Sunday, November 23, 2008

3 lbs 5 oz

On Thursday we were able to see Miss Addison again! She gained another 9 ounces and is looking great! During the ultrasound she was playing with her toes! She was also practicing breathing.....the nurse called it chest contractions. This is a really great sign because it means her lungs are maturing. The doctor said if we make it into the new year there is a 75% chance Addison will come home with us. If she is born in December, more than likely she will be in the hospital for several weeks. We are going to make it into the new year!!!!! If things keep going steady....we will have a c-section around 37 weeks....middle of January. My nurse called on Friday and said that all of the test results came back good......she feels like we have a couple of weeks to relax a little.

Unfortunately, my contractions have started back pretty steady. Some I can just feel my tummy tighten.....others have me frozen in pain. I had a really terrible one in the kitchen the other night......I think I scared Jeremy with my fit of rage when he tried to move me. Oh....I know he will be happy to get his wife back. :) My doc did tell Jeremy to take me to the emergency room if I have a few painful contractions in a row.......when I have a contraction around Jeremy I have to clarify..."not a hospital contraction"! I am having MAJOR anxiety about this c-section. I don't know if it is because this pregnancy has been stressful or if I am just being a big baby about all the needles. Nevertheless, I am scared and not afraid to admit it!!!! However, I saw the sweetest little baby girl today and it melted me. I seriously cannot wait!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Review

It was quite a busy weekend!


Saturday we went to a birthday party for Luke....he turned one!!! The girls were soooo excited! All they kept saying was "Birthday Party"...."Birthday Party"...."I love Luke"...."Luke is my best friend"! Luke is the son of one of Jeremy's employees....this was the first time that the girls have met him. Everyone had such a great time. The girls played with the huge balloons and ate lots of cake! I think Luke was a little overwhelmed with all the people....but he was still soooo adorable....handsome little guy with the prettiest blue eyes!!! (sorry no pictures)


Faith was really troubled with her allergies this weekend. So our sleep pattern was really off because the medicine makes her so drowsy. This was our Saturday night.....Faith fell asleep on the way home from the party. Right before dinner Grace helped us pull out all of our Christmas decorations......she took a bath and put on her pjs....t-shirt, panties and her new winter boots(the ones that mommy wanted her to wear to the party) my aunt says she does things the way she wants, when she is ready....Miss Independent!!! Faith woke up about 10 minutes before Grace went to sleep. Faith went back to sleep at about I went to bed. At 4 Grace got up because she was cold and needed to sleep with us......well about that time Miss Addison woke up and had a party! Faith, Jeremy and I got up for the day about 6! Needless to say all three of my girls let me have about 2 hours of sleep! :)


On Sunday we finished putting all the decorations on the tree. Our tree is really small for our living room but we have decided to get a big one after Christmas! The girls were very creative this year. Orange feathers, hair bows, Easter eggs and 6 ornaments on one branch!

On Sunday night I tried to make the tree is the final project.

Faith taking a picture of the tree with her Nemo camera.....she told me..."Mommy I neeeeed a camera that shows the picture right here (pointing to the back of the camera)".

Santa....Faith wants a digital camera :)

Faith after she had finished decorating the tree.

The wreath I made for the front door.

We also starting decorating the mantle.

This year we are doing little baskets instead of stockings. They have a rhinestone frame with the girls name on them. I also put up a tree in our kitchen. Jeremy wanted to make sure I was done decorating....he said he doesn't want our house to look like Santa's workshop!!! :) I assured him that Santa uses red and green.


One thing I have learned about having twins is to keep them busy. At our favorite breakfast place we play the memory game with the jelly containers.....flip them all over and see who can make the most matches....grape, strawberry or mixed berry! At home, it is craft time! Whether it is painting, coloring, making bows or learning to use scissors....we are always doing a craft project. Well on Sunday we decided to decorate princess crowns. Faith decided that all of her crowns were for Princess Faith (I wrote them each a book....Princess Faith and Princess Grace). Grace on the other hand said that her crowns are for everyone!!!!!

Because I don't get out much I am always confused at what day it I pulled out the milk and the date on it was 11/29/08!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, time is flying! I overlooked the fact that the milk jug serves as my calendar...and realized that the holidays are here! The holidays are serving as my safe zone with Addison. "If I can make it past the holidays". Well we are making it! Pretty soon our home will be full of baby bottles, dirty diapers, lullabies and the sweet smell of a newborn!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Working in the yard

Sunday was Jeremy's day to get all the trees trimmed and grass mowed. Well, he didn't realize how much help he would actually have. Faith and Grace helped him trim all the bushes (using mommy's kitchen scissors), pull all the vines off the house and pile up all the trimmings. Here are a few pictures of our yard work day!

It is pretty impressive that they did all of their yard work without messing up their tootsie pop that MeMe brought them!

Jeremy and Grace walking back to the garage to get more tools.

Faith working hard to clean up the yard for winter.

The girls taking care of Mommy's dead flowers :)

Everyone helping pull the vines off the house....and watching the lizards!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Pictures

My Aunt Janet took some excellent pictures of all of us this weekend! Here are a few of them.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I am having a hard time narrowing down what I want to get Faith and Grace for Christmas this year. My mom, DeeDee, said that Grace told her that they needed lots and lots of toys for Christmas. That is exactly what they need....lots and lots of toys!!!

One thing I did pick up was board games......ya know....hungry hungry hippo, candy land and chutes and ladders. All the fun beginner games. I am really excited about these gifts....I love playing board games!!!!

I was thinking about getting them an electric car. Maybe a jeep they can ride together. I did find this one at a shop in the DFW area.....I love it!!

I can picture all of us girls taking a pushing Addison in the stroller and the girls riding their little car. Then the agonizing thought of keeping twins in a motorized car and a stroller all on the same sidewalk made me wonder if I was thinking clearly today.

I am just so torn. I don't know what to do for Christmas!! I need ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sweet hubby. I took this picture right as he was walking in to vote. Yes he thought I was crazy and yes it embarrassed him...but this was a historic election year and I wanted a picture to commemorate it :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

28 weeks

We went to the doctor yesterday....28 weeks and counting. The doctor said that things are going well........just keep doing what we are doing. The contractions have not gone away, but the doctor thinks we might make it through the holidays into January :) I told him about my occasional outings and he said that was okay as long as I was only up for a little bit, didn't have contractions and stayed close to home. We did another protein test (the one that predicts labor in a two week window)....I am praying it comes back negative....but the doc did say that if it was positive we could do things to stop labor (another words don't freak out is going to be ok).

One great aspect of a closely monitor pregnancy is the fact that we get to see Miss Addison every two weeks. Yesterday she was very calm.....until I drank some juice and had a tootsie pop on the way to the doctor's office. This time we laughed out loud watching her. She had one hand on her head and the other holding her foot. Every time we tried to see her profile she would turn away from us. The one time she turned towards us.....she stuck her tongue out!!!!

I also found out why it is hurting when she moves....the foot that she is not holding is stretched out all the way to the top of my tummy and when she wakes up, she stretches her whole body out as long as she can get it (don't let her size fool you, she is aggressive). So I have feet kicking me at the top of my tummy....knees knocking me right under my belly button.......head butts on the lower part of my stomach and booty bumps on my spine :)

Can you see her little face?

Miss Addison gained 11 ounces over the last two weeks....she is now 2 lbs 12 oz!!! I won't be commenting on how much I gained :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

How we have grown!!!

Isn't life amazing?

Belly Pictures

Jeremy took a few pictures of me yesterday that I thought I would share (you just want to see how fat I have gotten...that's ok!) :) I also got in my new t-shirt. Jeremy thought this one was great.....I bet you know who he's voting for.

Today Jeremy had some friends over to play cards and watch the Texas - Texas Tech game. mom and Meme came over to hang out with me!!! It was so nice to spend time with them. We picked up some pictures that were ready for Addison's room, had lunch and then they just sat in bed with me. Mom rubbed my belly, which by the way is the greatest thing in the world, and Addison went crazy. In fact, she was very active today.....all day. I am hoping this means she will sleep all night so mommy can get some rest. It was so nice to sit and just talk to mom and meme (and of course listen to the strange sounds and funny smells that come along with a house full of guys)!

Little belly

ok...who am I kidding....BIG belly :)