Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Faith and Grace!!!!

My little monkeys are 6!!!! Let me say this again.....6!!!! 6 years old! I am overwhelmed with the thought of that.....I can still feel all the emotions that I had on the day I found out I was having twins.....7 weeks along. The love I have for my baby girls is unmeasurable......I have no words to describe it. It sounds so cliche, but I literally feel their joy and pain.....that indescribable bond! Birthday Morning.....smiling pancakes and candles

they picked out the fabric and helped make their birthday outfits

And of course.....Chuck E Cheese (that is the only thing they wanted to do....mainly because of the ticket booth)

Addi had a blast....she told me yesterday that she was going to a party at Chuck E Cheese :)

Jeremy surprised them with more tokens!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kitchen Help!!!! are some pics of my all it's dirty glory! ;)

Cinnamon Sugar walls....dark iron

dining table is dark too

I am really glad we did the ceilings the same color as the walls....but the combination of the dark cabinets, floors and walls just isn't doing it for me.

I am thinking of doing all the cabinets distressed ivory and leaving the bottom half of the bar area stained....give you the island look maybe???? I also want to put glass in the doors on the three cabinets you see in the pic you know we worked really days.....OK in reality...weeks on our kitchen cabinets. Well, I am not entirely happy. I fell like it is too dark....dark stained cabinets, dark slate floor, caramel walls and ivory trim.....(will post a pic later). Jer rolls his eyes....I would love to lighten it up a bit. What do you think of two toned cabinets? HHHHEEELLLPPPP! I really would like some input!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Go Stars!!!

Faith and Grace are playing soccer this year......gggoooo Stars!

We stayed in a hotel on Friday night before their soccer game in San Antonio.....needless to say, all three girls thought it was the coolest thing we have ever done! hahaha

Where's Addi? ask
Addi is my little 2 year old going on 6! I will definitely post more pictures later when I am at my computer (at work)
We have a lot of "she touched me!"

and some of these.......

don't you just love terrible twos :) (she is requiring a lot of extra Mommy time and love....which is kinda awesome)