Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Welcome to Hogwarts

To say that the girls LOVE Harry Potter is an understatement.......naturally, they requested a Harry Potter Birthday Party!  (Yes this is from March....I am that far behind)
So......Welcome to Hogwarts.

We still have remnants of the floating candles in our dining room.

 Okay....so my baking skills are improving.....the cake tasted good...but my stacking skills are lacking :)

I made a map with invisible ink for all the kids.....this showed them to their bag of coins to buy a robe, wand and candy from Honeydukes Sweet Shop


We also had potion class.  We had lots of fun ingredients including phoenix tears and ogre boogers.  At the end, we mixed everything together and made a nice little mess ;)

We also made yummy smoothies and magic color changing soda to drink (dried food coloring in the bottom of the cups) 

I cannot believe they are 7!  Time really does fly......some days that is a relief...but mostly it's disappointing. 

My little jelly beans are not so little any more. 

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