Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What A Weekend!

If I told you work was consuming every ounce of my being right now.....that would be an understatement. Sometimes we go through periods of joy and progress...when it seems like everything is going right. That is not one of these times. If something can go wrong, multiply that by three and that's what we are going through. (With smiles on our faces of course)

Honestly, it is so crazy right now the tears have turned into a crazed giggle :)

Jeremy's birthday was last Thursday. He was out of town, so I planned a surprise party for Saturday. He got home Sunday morning at 3am. Nice.... so that was cancelled. We had planned on taking the girls to the Grapevine Halloween festivities on Saturday night as well. I got the three pretties all costumed up and headed out. It is really hard keeping up with a cat and peacock while carrying a monster! To be frank, I was really disappointed. I had envisioned a group of us going together after the party....and it was just me. The night actually turned out wonderful.....we were a little cold, so we ended up going to Chic Fil A and then to Target. We bought candy and swords....went home and had a sword fight. What more could you ask for?




I read a quote the other day (probably on facebook....because lets face it, that's the only reading I do these days) that really made me think.

What if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you thanked God for today.

Wow! I would not have much left.....and I would be missing the things I am most thankful for!

I need to focus on my blessings! God has put me in this difficult situation for a reason. It is difficult for me to see it, but I want to try to follow the path that has been set for me with a joyful heart. So here is the start of my journey towards a thankful life......

Jeremy and I did not start our relationship in church....or with God for that matter. But our path came to a dead end....and right in front of us was God.

We bought our home (which to some was a crazy move). So we had this home that had been in foreclosure, we had months of plans for it and we still had our other house, which I don't think we even had listed yet. On top of this stress, our marriage was shaky at best. The truth about marriage is that it is HARD! The truth about blending families is that it is even HARDER! However, this single decision to buy this house changed our family and relationship.

Our new neighbors mentioned their church in passing. A very small church going through changes, First Baptist Church of Bedford. One Sunday we decided to give it a know it's a fit when for the first month I cried every Sunday and Jeremy left saying "I think this sermon was specifically for me". Not only did this house (ok really God) give us awesome neighbors but it lead us to our church. Our neighbors also invited us to a small group bible study they were starting at their home. Life changer! We now have a group of friends that we absolutely love! We are so very blessed! We have since joined the church (if you know me...this is a gigantic step....moving away from my Dad's church!) and have recently started hosting the small group at our home. Somehow they also talked me into leading the study on Revelation....really no pressure really I won't stress out about it. hahaha

Okay Brook, do you have a point? Why yes I do.....

I am so thankful God has a plan for my life. I can't do this on my own. I am so thankful for my awesome neighbors and my wonderful church family and small group friends. I am so thankful for a preacher that is a walking example for my husband. I am so thankful that God can forgive me for my semi stubborn attitude....okay over the top stubborn attitude.

It's amazing to me that a simple conversation with a neighbor can change your life!


KRiSTiN said...

i love this story. i love it and it could very well be me telling it. marriage IS hard. parenting IS hard. life is just so hard (and exhausting, lol). and it's so easy to forget to be thankful which is just... sad. i read that exact same quote about waking up with what you thanked God for and was slapped into silence by my own spiritual negligence. love how honest your blog is! that takes more courage than most peple have. oh, and LOVE the costumes. so cute!

Tiffany Dawn said...

LOVE the peacock costume!!

And SO SO glad to hear that you're in a fabulous community!! Being in a group like you're talking about where you live life together and share in the good and bad - its what changed me too!

Thankful you were able to share this sweet, real, story!

Praise God for pursuing us even when we think we dont want to be pursued! :)